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10 Things You Didn’t Know About La Vie Spa On Portland

10 things you didn’t know about La Vie spa on Portland

Welcome to your spa on Portland! We are a friendly group here at La Vie Spa, we love what we do and we are passionate about giving you the best possible experience.

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From massages to facials, luxurious wraps and manicures, all our treatments are bespoke. We listen to what you want and need, then we go above and beyond to deliver. We want you to leave us feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.
So, why not get to know us a little better with these facts you may not know about the La Vie Spa team.
  • La Vie means ‘The Life.’ Our therapist Verna’s name is Latin for spring green. Spring is all about new life – health, wellbeing and mindfulness – and that’s what we are about! Think of us as part of your wellbeing project.
  • Verna is qualified in: Level Two and Three Beauty and Aromatherapy, she has a degree in International Spa Management, a Level Four certificate in Preparing to Teach and Life-Long Learning, as well as a Level Three qualification in Assessing. She is a member of the UK Spa Association and Habia – the government approved body for setting standards in hair, beauty, nails and spa. She is registered with Beauty Professionals and fully insured.
  • Verna’s dream as a child was to be a nursing matron, but after discovering that she couldn’t stand the sight of blood, decided to use her caring nature to help people through the therapy sector instead.
  • Born and brought up on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean, Verna said she loves Portland so much because it reminds her of home. She first came to the isle in 2006 for an interview, after having worked as a therapist on a cruise ship. Verna now lives in Southwell. She said the beautiful views across the houses in Fortuneswell to the sea reminded her of Grenada.
  • The other thing she loves about Portland is the ability to get fresh fish – just like back at home and that the air is so pure and clean. She jokes: “It’s colder than home. But when the sun is out, Portland is the warmest part of the UK. It’s a blessing to be here.”
  • Her dream holiday destination is the Seychelles.
  • Her favourite hobby is dancing and she loves ‘music that has a meaning.’ Soul is her favourite genre.
  • Verna believes it is ‘important to help others,’ and to ‘always do good.’ She is a Christian and used to be in a choir, adding that she loves worship.
  • The aqua colour seen throughout La Vie Spa is Verna’s favourite colour as it reminds her of the sea.
  • Back in Grenada Verna said they lived off the land, making their own chocolate and coconut oil. She said: “These things have shaped me and formed me into the type of person I want to be in terms of doing therapies.” Grenada is called the ‘Isle of Spice’ because of the amount of nutmeg grown there. Verna jokes: “So that makes me the original Spice Girl!”

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