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Why Choose La Vie Spa?

Why choose La Vie spa?

At La Vie spa we put our heart and soul into what we do. We love our profession and care about making sure you have the best experience when you visit us.

But why come to us?

Everyone has a different reason for going to a spa, it could be because you have back pain or headaches, you want a little ‘Me Time’ for a manicure or pedicure, a facial, or just want to book a treat for yourself because you never go to a spa.

At La Vie spa we focus on you and create a bespoke treatment for you. What we do isn’t just superficial, it’s deeper. So, if you’re experiencing back pain we tailor the therapy to you to relieve pain. Whether it’s a massage or a facial – we try and make that treatment bespoke.

The question Verna and the team get asked most often is, what and who is La Vie spa?

Our Director and Spa Consultant Verna’s name means ‘spring time’ and ‘spring green.’ And La Vie means ‘the life.’ Spring is all about renewing life and wellbeing. Our ethos is that when you do a treatment you don’t do it from your head or mind, you do it from your heart and soul. When you leave we want you to feel better – that’s what gives us satisfaction in a job well done, knowing we have helped.

Spas have always been places to go to help cure ailments. In the 18th and 19th century people bathed in the sea and took the waters to help cure them. George the Third famously came to Weymouth to bathe in the sea. So, the essence of a spa is a place to go to get a cure. When many people think of a spa nowadays they think of a pool or a steam room. We do not have these facilities but what we do focus on is curing ailments, bringing care and healing, which is the therapeutic side of what we do. That’s why you should choose La Vie. We care, we understand your concerns and we will do a full consultation with you beforehand to create a bespoke treatment to provide healing and cure.

So, whether you are experiencing back pain, headaches, muscular aches and pain, or you would just like a relaxing and rejuvenating facial or massage, we can help.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Verna and the La Vie spa Team.

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We have fantastic spa offers and benefits available, including a Loyalty Card scheme and Recommend a Friend offers. If you have never been to a spa before, why not try it? And if you have visited us before, why not come back and see us again?
Call us now on 01305 826000 to book your appointment.
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