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Our feet take us everywhere yet we tend to ignore the importance they play in our well being. We seldom take time to care for them, yet they are expected to carry our us three
hundred and sixty-five days a year without special care and attention.

We consider our feet to be down there somewhere and subconsciously assume they are of little importance. They are crammed into ill-fitting shoes, hard boots, they develop blisters and other foot problem which in some cases requires medical attention.Taking care of our feet is not hard work, all that is required is receiving regular pedicures to
keep your feet in perfect condition.

Four reasons why you should look after your feet.

  1. Calluses are hard thickened areas formed on the feet possibly due to rubbing or pressure on the skin. The heal and soles of the feet are usually dry and in some instances, can crack and becomes painful.
  2. Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection one can develop if their feet are not being cared for. Receiving regular pedicure will treat the problem and stop it from spreading to other areas of the body.
  3. Every area of our body ages our feet is no exception natural changes such as thinning of the skin, wear and tear to the joints and reduction of muscular strength occur. Give your feet an up-lift you feel better for doing so!
  4. Ingrowing toenails are painful having your nails trim and file straight across instead of rounded will prevent trauma. Understandably as we age gracefully it is not always easy to bend all the way down to the floor to attend to our feet, seek professional help!

General health and well-being start with the feet. The nerve endings in our feet trigger sensations throughout our body take time to receive regular pedicures don’t ignore your feet they are beautiful!

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