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Guys, Are You Tired? In Pain? Stressed Out? Our Exclusive Treatments Can Help!

Guys, are you tired? In pain? Stressed out? Our exclusive treatments can help!

Men, you work hard. Whether it’s out on a building site doing manual labour or sitting at a desk in an office, you put your body though a lot. Modern life and the stresses it brings mean you are constantly on the go, working hard and playing hard. It’s important to take time out, relax and unwind. Most aches and pains don’t just happen overnight, it’s a gradual tensing up and then suddenly you have back pain, or can’t turn you head due to a sore neck.

At La Vie spa we agree with the adage ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Therefore, we always do a thorough consultation with you to find out what is the cause of the issue before any treatment.

We offer several treatments for men including:

  • Deep tissue massagefor relief of aches, pain and stress relief.  Deep tissue massage helps to break down the knots in the back and neck. These are caused by lactic acid build up deposited in the system. Once they are broken down, the lactic acid is released and then it’s important to flush out the system with lots of water to cleanse the body. It’s important to relax after a massage and our clients can choose to use our relaxation room after a treatment – in fact, many clients are so relaxed we find them asleep in the relaxation
    room afterwards.
  • Facialsto brighten, soften and fight the signs of ageing.
  • Manicures and pedicuresto make sure your hands and feet are in tip-top condition.

Therapist Verna Haywood said that it is important people look after themselves or in the long-run they could be facing burn out.
She said: “Men need to look after themselves. More and more men are getting into well-being – it’s not pampering, it’s about your health. They work long hours. They do manual jobs or office jobs, they are twisting, bending, lifting. They all need to have regular treatments to relax muscles and get that flexibility back, so they have a better range of movement.”
Common issues like back and neck pain and sciatica are caused by inflammation of the nerve. Verna added: “You don’t suddenly get ill. It builds up and then suddenly it hits and people want a cure immediately. There’s no immediate cure. What treatments and massage does is they work to help release the muscle tension and aches. Prevention is better than cure.”

Become a member of La Vie spa and get a one hour treatment each month from only £39. This includes deep tissue massage (normally £55 for an hour.) Or upgrade to a 90-minute deep tissue massage for only £59 (normally £75.)

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