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Health And Wellbeing Your Body And You

Health and Wellbeing Your Body and You

Life could be wonderful if only we knew how to take time to relax and enjoy the fullness it has to offer. We often hear that our health service is at breaking point for one reason or another. I believe taking time to refresh our mind, which after all is where our consciousness begins, will help to put us on the right track to maintaining good health and well being.

Generally as busy people we tend to put everything and everyone first before taking time to reflect on our own well-being. Often when we finally get to that place it is usually when our body has decided it cannot continue to endure the pressure it is under. It takes a crisis to bring us to our senses. Good heath and well being is something we all take for granted until it is taken away.

Taking time to “smell the roses” or enjoy breathing clean fresh sea or country air helps to revive our senses and take us on a journey of reflection. Our body is unique and it has the ability to heal itself when under pressure.

However sometimes we don’t help our body operate at its best by failing to monitor if we have taken the time to have sufficient sleep to refresh our mind, or taken sufficient water to distribute essential nutrients to our cells. Water is so important – it also helps to purify and remove waste products from the body. Detoxifying the body helps to improve the texture of the skin and it leaves your body feeling revitalised. Having energy to achieve the things we want to accomplish is essential therefore feeding our body with living (not the processed kind) foods that can only help to improve our brainpower.

As a child growing up in the Caribbean with my Grand mother and Great Grand aunt I was taught it was essential to eat live seasonal foods and fruits, fresh fish and meats, and most importantly detoxify the body at least three times a year. I strongly believe detoxification is a key part of ensuring we have a healthy body.

The mind is a wonderful place – it is where we get our creative power to build, to change, to think and develop awareness of our surroundings. I believe it’s truly amazing and a real privilege to have the ability to use our mind to create a sense of well-being – I love this quote “Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, ‘ Here is an opportunity for me to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary”. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is a top priority to make certain our body gets sufficient water, sleep, rest and relaxation, as well as living foods, exercise, detoxification and supplements. In doing so we are able to ensure our organs function properly and are receiving the necessary medicine to maintain good health and well being.

Taking time for refreshing your mind body and soul is essential to reducing stress; don’t be overpowered by work or other circumstances that can lead to anxiety, depression and mental health. Our body goes through the daily stresses of life whether it is getting from one place to the other or trying to solve a problem. We need to make sure we avoid prolonged stress which can affect our mental faculty can lead to medical deficiency

Take time each day to meditate on the beautiful things around you, eat healthy food, drink sufficient water, and get sufficient sleep.

Make time to visit a Spa or Beauty salon to have a de-stressing massage, relaxing facial, refreshing pedicure or revitalising body scrub. Therapies such as these can help to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

Regardless of the situation or circumstances you find yourself start your day with positive thinking.

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