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The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

We often hear the saying the proof of the pudding is in the eating – meaning you can only judge the quality of something after you have tried, used or experienced it. This is such a true statement when it comes to that eureka moment when both therapist and client experience the ease of movement, less pain and reduced stress resulting from a course of specific therapeutic spa therapy treatments designed to meet the client’s individual needs.

Having Regular Monthly Massage Helps

Over the year I have discussed my on the purpose of their visit, and what they are hoping to achieve during and after their treatment. I have then posed the question, given the predicted results shouldn’t they consider investing in their health and wellbeing – meaning regular monthly treatments to help relax their muscles. After our in-depth consultation and with their concerns at the forefront of my mind, I focus on those areas specified by the client to ensure they can genuinely feel their muscles are relaxed and that they can physically experience a change once treatment is completed.

Once the client has experienced such revitalising therapeutic muscle relaxing therapy; we take the opportunity during our aftercare session to discuss whether they would like to continue to have regular treatments designed to meet their specific needs. Read on to find out how continuing with regular treatment worked for one client.

Results Driven Therapeutic Spa Therapy: a client’s experience

Today was such an exciting and liberating day for both Leslie and I; although we were aware of the benefits Leslie was experiencing after receiving massage therapy, we could hardly believe how soft and relaxed her muscles were. In fact, we both started laughing and enjoying the moment of sheer joy. It was amazing to feel every muscle in the back of her body succumbed to total relaxation in Leslie’s 10th visit.

From our first encounter Leslie informed me that the focus of her treatment must be on her back; and that’s exactly what was done during each visit. However, today was different so much so that I did not realised that I had automatically moved to massaging the back of her legs with such ease, Leslie commented, “This is lovely, I can’t believe how effortlessly you could progress to my legs. This is a good sign that the muscles in my back are more relaxed” We both could not help but erupt with laughter and commenting on the results she was experiencing. We normally just focus the treatment on her back and hip areas as requested.

Leslie’s experience demonstrates that receiving regular monthly specific therapeutic treatments is results driven, proving that the proof of the pudding does really lie in the eating or that you really do have to come and experience the results of regular treatments to enjoy the full benefits!

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